To Sleep with Wet Hair or Not?

To Sleep with Wet Hair or Not? 

When gym days and hair wash days don’t line up with one’s social calendar, we have no alternative but to resort to extreme circumstances. However, there’s still NO reason to go to bed with WET hair! The old wives’ tale about sleeping with damp hair that leads to sniffles is folklore, but sleeping with hair that’s soaking will cause fungal infections and hair breakage! 

Damp hair in bed is harmful. Hair is vulnerable when it’s wet and grows prone to damage overnight. So unless you’re masking, there are more cons to sleeping with hair less than 70% dry. 

A damp and moist pillow is an ideal environment for yeast and fungus to thrive. A study from the European Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology identified 4 to 16 species of fungal flora per pillow tested. “Along with the fungus naturally present on your scalp, pillows are also a hotbed for fungus. It thrives in a warm environment, and a wet pillowcase and pillow provide the ideal breeding ground.” –Healthline 

Here are some moves you can make if you MUST sleep with wet hair: 

      1. Use CONDITIONER to seal hair cuticles. 
      2. Reduce water absorption by applying COCONUT OIL to your ends. 
      3. Rest your head on a SILK PILLOWCASE for frictionless sleep. 

“Your hair is still wet!”
– Justin Bieber