THE Hair Trend of 2022

THE Hair Trend of 2022 

Gray Hair, Don’t Care!

The hair trend to keep an eye on in 2022 has gone gray, and we are here for it. From Jamie Lee Curtis to Jane Fonda and Andie MacDowell to Jodie Foster, the silver fox look turned heads on the red carpet at Cannes this year.

The trend is as chic as it gets, even Miranda has gone gray in SATC, and the look is not just raising eyebrows- it is dying them… GRAY!

Embracing your graying locks and aging skin is part of the YOU revolution that is challenging the norms of what it means to be young. Women and men alike are choosing to enhance their natural gray and opting for hair to gray naturally, even camouflaging roots with highlights and lowlights to blend the gray.

This trend has bled into the young culture with the hashtag #greyhairdontcare trending. Whether inspired by glamorous A-list stars like Lady Gaga, who donnés those ‘Granny Grays’ from time to time, this phenomenon has younger women coloring their locks gray and defying the misnomer that GRAY = OLD.

Red Market’s acclaimed colorists on Miami Beach LIVE for this color blending technique; A long but worthwhile process- it can sometimes take up to 6 hours to achieve your perfect shade of gray. “Going gray is a lot of fun. It requires so much time and in that time I really establish a great connection with my client. We become good friends after a service like this one which requires trust and patience.” -Miguel Vargas”


Just remember, those aren’t gray hairs- they are strands of glitter!