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As the best salon in Miami can attest, more men than ever are wearing their hair longer, instead of opting for short, clean cuts. Longer hairstyles for men have always been around in one incarnation or another,  as symbols of particular lifestyles, such as that of the surfing enthusiast. However, longer locks on men have been increasingly  making their way into global media, and can now be seen on many famous actors, models and professional businessmen.

2016 Best Haircuts
The 2016 best haircuts include long styles for men that were not seen in the best 2015 haircuts.  For instance, the fade undercut with long, wild hair is popular in 2016, with its shaved sides and long on top look. We are also seeing more texture in today’s long hairstyles.

The Half Up Semi-Bun
Brad Pitt is frequently spotted wearing a half-up, half-down, semi-bun, which requires him to pull up half of his long hair. This is a simple look that involves dividing the hair into two equal sections, horizontally.  The upper section is secured in back with a hairband. Keanu Reeves and Tom Cruise are other celebrities often seen wearing this style.

Braided Rows
Top Miami Salons report frequent requests for a men’s long hair style that was once considered a feminine style only.  Braided rows begin at the hairline and move backward toward the top of the head in neat, uniform rows.  Influenced by hip hop culture, the look has permeated the mainstream.

Shoulder Length with a Side Part
Johnny Depp has rocked the shoulder length look, adding a touch of maturity to his youthful face. This is a style that requires a deep side part with a sizeable section of the hair swept over the head to one side. This style is a great choice for formal events.
Stylists predict that more new long hair styles for men will make their way into the mainstream over the next 5 years, to coincide with the short cuts, rather than to compete with them.

At Red Market Miami, we have noticed that variations in length have become more prevalent in men’s everyday life. Fashion trends are now present at the workplace and men are exercising a lot more freedom in their business look, regardless of their profession.

“It is a trend that we enjoy working with because our male clientele don’t always realize how many options of hairstyles are available to them and their hair type” Says Top Stylist Rogelio from Red Market Salon Miami.