RED MARKET SALON MIAMI: 5 Hair Color Trends to Try in 2016

Five Hair Color Trends to Try in 2016 from RED MARKET SALON



There are few cities in the United States that embody the essence of an American summertime quite like  Miami. Spring is quickly approaching, and we are helping clients stay up to date with some of the biggest hair color trends of 2016.

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#1  Dip-dye. This is one of the most exciting color trends to hit the Miami salon scene. This trend is definitely not for everyone, but some vibrant color could be just the confidence booster that you are looking for.





Снимок экрана 2016-03-08 в 17.41.29#2 Melted ombre. While this look still has the carefree vibe of multiple colors, the color transition is more subtle than the  traditional ombre, making it ideal for those who want a multi-tonal look, characteristic of a Miami bombshell.





Снимок экрана 2016-03-08 в 17.42.27#3 “Ronze.” Best suited for natural brunettes,”ronze” is a cross between red and bronze. The metallic undertones will give any  summer tan a perfect glow.






Снимок экрана 2016-03-08 в 21.40.56#4  Eggplant purple. Eggplant colored hair was a huge trend in the in the 90s, and it’s making a comeback for 2016. This look is perfect for those that want something a little bit unnatural, but aren’t ready for completely  purple hair yet. This look works best for those with naturally dark hair.





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#5  Platinum blonde. This look has always been eye-catching and very versatile, but it has been gaining more recognition this year as more celebrities embrace it. If you do choose to bleach your locks this gorgeous color, plan on spending a little extra for hydrating treatments this summer.






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