Red Market Salon Miami: Touch of Rainbow


A few decades ago, rainbow hair color was a trend reserved for rock stars and teenagers. Now anyone can rock a touch of rainbow hue in their hair. There are tons of ways to incorporate vibrant color into your style, from subtle streaks to a full spectrum rainbow. Talk to your stylist about trying one of these colorful looks.

Surprise Streaks

Love the rainbow color trend but still need a style that will work for the corporate world? Get color that you can show off when you want and keep on the down low when you need to. Ask your stylist at Red Market Salon Miami to place streaks of bold color in the bottom layers of your hair. Pull your hair up and voila

— instant rainbow!

Face-Framing Color

Just like traditional highlights, colorful streaks can instantly brighten and frame your face. If your hair is lighter, go for pink, like Rachel McAdams. Darker tones look lovely with shades of blue.

Bright Ombre

Want to go a little bolder? Try a colorful ombre dip-dye. Deep purple ends fading into pastel violet and your natural color at the roots is a little bit sweet and a little bit punk. Up for a really unique look? Try a reverse rose gold ombre. Sweet pink roots fade into pastel and gold or platinum blond ends. This technique is done by using Balayage. Be sure to find a balayage expert in a top beauty salon.

Full-Spectrum Shades

If you want your hair to really steal the show, mix shades of more than one color. Try alternate streaks of red, orange and yellow in dark hair, or blend pastel violet and pink in lighter shades. For the truly colorful, add a full rainbow on the underside of your hair, or have a rainbow arch away from your temple. All of these trends that incorporate bold colors must be done by top colorists, usually located in 5 star salons. It is a complex process to keep the hair healthy and looking subtle and this can only be accomplished by a top hair salon who uses the best haircare such as Kerastase and is highly in tune and up to date with these trends.