Pomade vs. Gel: What You Need to Know

Pomade vs. Gel: What You Need to Know 


The age-old battle rages on between Pomade and Gel. It’s a hair hack every man should know, and although the notion may seem ubiquitous, do not be fooled by the clichés of styling products. Pomades and Gels are both uniquely built for the everyday man’s hair. Just ask Miami’s best stylists at RM Salon

Let’s find the right product to shape your stylish look. 

According to NPR  “Hair pomade enjoyed its highest popularity from the 1930s through the 1960s, when many men’s hairstyles were short and neat but needed help staying put.” After going through a product-free phase in the 80s, pomade is back with a vengeance! 

Decade after decade, this styling tool has morphed into a grooming staple. Pomades’ water-based infrastructure can help keep styles lightweight. Although Pomades come in cream, wax, or clay finishes, try applying a matte coating, to wet or dry hair, for more flexible everyday wear. 

Gel is a classic product delivering an all-day hold. In years past ingredients like alcohol composed gel, yielding distressing shellacked-like features. Now gel is an ideal product for men with wavy or curly hair, it maintains hold without the weight that is characterized by pomades. Our RM stylists suggest applying gel to tame locks when hair is damp. Just a little touch of gel can add a lot of shine for a sleek Hollywood look. 

Our leading RM stylists wish to remind you that a pea-sized amount of Pomade or Gel is always a good start when trying to achieve a natural look!