Like skin, hair needs to be moisturized too, even if it seems like the climate you live in is humid enough that you don’t need to or you’re rocking the best Balayage highlights in Miami. Neglecting to moisturize your hair, or over-using heat tools will leave it porous, and susceptible to absorbing floating moisture in the air around you. So a great style for hot humid summer days begins with moisture. 

Start by using a deep conditioner in the shower, but focus on the midshaft and ends, to avoid an oily scalp and maintain your natural volume. In addition, aim for applying a leave-in treatment once every week or two weeks, to deeply condition the hair. With the added heat of the summer sun, you really do need this added moisture in your hair to prevent frizz.

Next, just like your skin, you should rinse with cold water to seal the hair’s cuticle from outside moisture. You can help this by applying a light styling balm suited for your hair texture.  

When it comes to styling, try to give the hair a break from heat styling whenever possible. If you must blow dry, use a thermal-activated product like Kérastase Discipline Fluidissime, which helps fight frizz from humidity, as well as damage from heat styling. Also, make sure to use the proper technique. Blow dry with a round brush, taking care to aim hot air downward, rather than blowing air against the direction of hair growth. Blow drying properly helps the cuticle to lay flat, which will give you a sleeker style. Bursts of cool air in between sections also help the hair from getting too dried out. 

Finish the style with your favorite hairspray. Balancing moisture in humid climates can be tricky, but with the right technique and quality hair product, you can maintain your style even during the hottest summer day.

For more tips on keeping up smooth and frizz free hair, visit us at Red Market Salon Miami to speak to our experts and purchase the best Kerastase products for your hair type.