Hair Botox is a revolutionary new way of deep conditioning hair that produces almost miraculous results. Women who have frizzy, dull or worn out looking hair can now transform their damaged hair into beautiful, luxurious locks they never thought possible.

Hair Botox can reverse any damage that has occurred to the cortex and cuticles of the hair by hydrating it and bringing it back to life, making it healthier and more manageable than ever before. This treatment adds wonderful, long-lasting texture and makes the hair look healthy and shiny.

The name of this product can sound a little misleading, since Hair Botox does not contain Botulinum, the main ingredient in the Botox Cosmetic used to reduce facial wrinkles.  Hair Botox is more similar to a Keratin treatment, only safer and more effective. It works by penetrating the cuticles of the hair, and by filling in any breakages or gaps, creating hair that is shinier, sleeker and stronger.

Hair Botox has specific acidic compounds that do not contain any of the harmful chemicals found in similar products, such as Karatin treatments.  Hair Botox does not contain potentially dangerous parabens or formaldehyde, and does not harm the hair at all. It also protects the scalp against psoriasis, dandruff and other unfortunate conditions.

The treatment works on all types of hair, regardless of whether it is straight, curly, wavy or frizzy.  The application process usually takes less than an hour, yet lasts for months at a time.  It is recommended the process be repeated every 2 months for best results. To find out if Hair Botox is for you, come see us at Red Market and receive a complementary hair consultation with the best hairstylists in Miami