Fashion shoot with David Cotteblanche

Hair stylist David Cotteblanche of Red Market recently teamed up with photographer David Bismuth, and makeup artist Dexter Phillip (owner of DEX New York) at Splashlight Studios to launch a video shoot, La Plume, celebrating Red Markets’ new and improved site.

La Plume showcases innovative, high-fashion design in a laid back, approachable atmosphere; the same fusion responsible for the success and notability of the this late night salon.

The Inspiring images and theatrical results of the collaboration between these artists, translates the creative approach that defines Red Market and each stylist contributing to its outstanding performance.

The Result:

Model Red Market
Model Red Market

  1. Photographer-David Bismuth
  2. Makeup-Dexter Phillip/ DEX New York
  3. Hair- David Cotteblanche (RED MARKET)
  4. Model- Brie Harding (Major Model Mgmt)
  5. Location-Splashlight Studios
  6. Creative Bureau-Arsenic 9
  7. Post Production- Project-35