Cutting Edge Salon Red Market Welcomes Gina Monte


Gina, Red Market’s newest expert in color hair treatment, always had a love for fashion and art growing up. She knew she wanted a career where she could express her love of art every day. While she was in college studying everything from art history to business management, she had a part time job working at Ulta for Benefit Cosmetics. Being a make-up artist sparked her interest, and soon she fell in love with the beauty industry. When she started cosmetology school, her love for color and contour extended once again to the study of balayage and hair styling. Soon, she found herself searching for experts in the field, which lead her to Reynald and David.

When styling, Gina finds inspiration from many places. The New York woman inspires her. She found that coloring hair was much more than placing a bunch of foils in the hair and calling it highlights. She discovered that contour and highlighting could be created by painting directly onto the hair, creating dimension and beauty.


She draws inspiration from the natural beauty and texture of one’s hair and lifestyle. Gina imagines how a client’s hair color should be at the office, to when it’s time to let her hair down for a long weekend in the Hamptons or a trip to St. Barthes. She believes that hair color should be able to effortlessly vibe and change with a New York woman’s lifestyle.

She finds runway inspiration from the works of Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy and Oliver Rousteing of Balmain. She believes every piece of clothing has specific architecture and intricate detail. This makes anyone in their clothing a walking canvas of their art. The mesh of glam rock and gothic glam is what draws her to these designers.

Gina defines beauty in many ways. She believes true beauty is feeling sexy and confident from the inside out. She explains that when you see a woman with confidence walking down the street, you want to know more about her.

If Gina could choose anywhere in the world where she’d like to go, it would be right here in NYC. She love the city and its energy. However, she wouldn’t complain if she woke up in a cabana in Bora Bora!

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