Best Hair Salon in New York Welcomes Romain Perriniaux

New York’s premiere late night salon has just welcomed a new stylist!  Romain has extensive experience in the beauty industry, and has been styling since he was young. He began training as a stylist at the mere age of 15, in the village of Le Mans. After 2 years, he moved to Paris to work in a famous salon in the neighborhood Saint Germain des Pres. He finished his training there, and lived in Paris for 4 years. He believes Paris is where he gets his sense of style from. When Romain styles hair in New York or LA, he wants his client to look as if she has just stepped out of a salon in Paris.

After Paris, Romain moved to L.A. In L.A., he did styling for photo shoots, fashion shows, magazines, and runways. IMG_3091After two years, he moved to New York, and quickly fell in love with vibrant city. In L.A., he’d enjoyed the laid back atmosphere, surfing, and spending time on the beach. But he definitely prefers living in New York. In NYC, he’s worked on Ralph Lauren commercials and GQ.

Romain’s favorite spot in NYC is Williamsburg, Brooklyn. He loves the neighborhood’s  young and artsy feel. There are many bars and clothing stores that provide him with inspiration for a new hairstyle. He also believes that New York is more international than Paris, since its inhabitants come from all over the world. NYC doesn’t have just “American” art, photography, and fashion. Romain explains he hasn’t seen a culture as diverse as NYC anywhere else. He also believes that Paris differs from New York in that Paris is more about glamour and luxe. But in New York, people are more bold, interesting, and original. Paris has more class, but it’s too involved with fashion. New York is more open, relaxed, and non-judgmental. Romain also finds New York to be a more creative city.972130_10151645885062270_1866330917_n

Romain has always wanted to style hair. Romain draws inspiration from the people he sees in the street.  Their overall aura lets him imagine what hair style would work for them. He believes styling everyone is different, since you can’t style same haircut for different people. He also finds inspiration from magazines and photographs. His runways inspirations are Chloe and Chanel. He believes Red Market should have the same vision as these two brands.

Romain defines beauty in many ways. To him, beauty means you have a beautiful personality and attitude. It’s how you have behave. To be pretty, a woman should act like a real lady. She should have an aura of confidence. And of course, good hair!

If he could go anywhere in the world, Romain would love to return to Thailand, especially to the island of Ko Samui off the coast. He’s been there twice before. He loved it there for its serenity.

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