Male Grooming 101: Salon vs BarberShop


The age-old question remains, why should men consider upscale salons? Well, it’s not about the so-called “bougie” haircut, but instead, it’s the curated level of service, attention to detail, and relationships one builds with stylists in salons. Let’s dive into the difference: Barbershops vs. Hair Salons.

Men have become a multibillion-dollar growth sector for the beauty industry. According to the International Spa Association, in 2017, 49% of spa customers were men, which is up from 29% in 2005. In fact, in a market report published by Allied Market Research, global markets forecasted garnering $166 billion for the men’s personal care space by 2022. Why? Because men are embracing whole body wellness, and we are here for it!

Does the question then become how to choose between a barbershop vs a salon? Here are three reasons why a salon can be better suited to meet your needs, than the barbershop. 


  1. Service: Salons provide a unique experience, allowing you to be pampered with a bevy of à la carte services like conditioning treatments and nail buffing to enhance the physique.


  1. Tools: It’s a common myth that only barbers are allowed to use straight razors for cutting and shaving. At RM hair salon in Miami Beach, we have stylists that hold both a barber AND cosmetologist licenses! Our stylists are artists held to a very high standard, which is evident in their work. 


  1. Styling: From trimming curls to styling straight, salons bring the experience you can trust for your hair type. Barbers cater to short styles and clipper fades, but RM salon’s certified barber stylists understand the needs of your hair’s texture and will take the time to work with you on achieving your hair goals. 


At RM Salon in Miami, we understand that experience resonates with men and women, so log onto our RM App and help the gentleman in you, stay sharp! Or Book Online here.

Check out our video below for a glimpse into the Red Market men’s cut experience and how we are keeping you safe during the 2020 pandemic.