5 Tips to Properly Schedule your Hair Salon Appointment


December is the busiest month of the year for hair stylists, and the better

the salon, the busier they are during the holidays. Follow these easy tips to

make sure you have the best experience. In many ways customer

satisfaction actually depends on the customer!

1 Make appointments in advance.Yes, its true that you might be able

to be “squeezed” in, or perhaps walk in at exactly the right time for

a quick appointment, but if your stylist is anxious about his/her next

appointment you will not get the time and attention you deserve.

Make an appointment and when you do…

2 Be sure and describe as accurately as possible what you want done.

All too often a stylist is surprised by last minute requests when they

have not put aside enough time to do it! Different styles, coloring,

straightening, etc. All take different amounts of time. Be as

straightforward and upfront as possible about what you expect from

an appointment.

3 Be sure and describe what your hair looks like now. Going from one

cut to another is sometimes more technical a change than for others.

All the information you provide in advance will help your stylist make

the best choices possible and to plan for any eventuality.

4 Arrive on time! Remember that when your appointment starts is your

time whether you are there or not. If you arrive late, that is time that

cannot be spent on the reason for going there is the first place.

5 Finally, come prepared. Depending on what you want, you may be

there for awhile. Wear something comfortable, and turn off your

phone. Fully engage in the process. Your stylist is 100% focused on

you, if you give the same attention back, the results will speak for


Hair, is a lot like most everything else in life. You get out what you put in.

Hire experts and then trust them. Give yourself fully to the process. And

come prepared. Anything great requires preparation and attention.

The Medicure, the upgrade to the classic pedicure

Having a pedicure in Miami is a self-indulgent treat that many women enjoy regularly. You may think that because boot season has arrived, you can skip it, but there are still plenty of reasons to keep your feet looking pretty (yoga class, the feeling of smooth feet on clean sheets, snuggling with your significant other, etc.). No doubt about it, pedicures are year-round necessity. That said, you haven’t experienced true luxury until you’ve experienced the latest in foot pampering ecstasy — the Medicure.

A Customized Experience

A Medicure is ideal for anyone who puts a lot of stress on the soles of their feet — women who wear heels often, workout often, practice yoga, run, dance, amongst other activities. Your medicure treatment includes callous reduction with a special motorized filing implement. Why callous reduction and not elimination?

Some callousing is normal and necessary to protect your feet. You’ll be interviewed so your medicurist can determine how much filing is right for you based on your activities, work life, and other details about how much stress you put on your feet. After nail care and color, you’ll be treated to an intensive massage to get rid of kinks and knots, followed by a gentler, soothing and relaxing massage.

Be Good to Your Feet

Why indulge in a Medicure? Your feet are one of the hardest-working parts of your body, and deserve to be pampered and soothed on a regular basis. They’ll feel better, look better and serve you better if they’re given the care they need and deserve. And let’s face it, pampered feet are just one less thing to worry about.

In the Miami area, there’s only one place to go for the ultimate Medicure — Red Market Miami!

Visit the best Miami nail salon by booking an appointment 305-864-3978. You can also read more about the best way to properly schedule your salon appointment here.

High End Salons and why they are important


If you’ve been browsing through lists of salons in Miami and debating the difference between Red Market Salon or the hair stylist down the street from your house… Don’t stress. We can explain why there is a substantial difference.

 Here are the TOP five reasons you should treat yourself to a top Miami salon. 

 They Have a Range Of Services

A top salon should offer more than just cuts, color and styling. They can also offer things like deep conditioning, keratin treatments, relaxers, semi-permanent hair straightening, perms and scalp treatments. 

They Are Up To Date On the Latest Trends

If you’re in a bit of a rut, or you’re aiming for that promotion at work, you want to change how people perceive you. No matter what we tell each other, perceptions are formed in seconds — and a fair bit of that is based around how we look and carry ourselves.

Salons are always spending time staying up to date on the latest trends and can help you go from flop to fabulous, whatever the style you might want. Even if you don’t know what you want, they’ll be able to suggest looks that suit you and your style.

They Have The Experience 

Remember the corner cutter we talked about? They go straight from beauty school to work. Which isn’t a bad thing if that’s all you can do, or if you’re financing further goals. For a high end salon stylist though, the standards are different. They are required to apprentice at other salons (based on recommendations) prior to working at the one they really want. It’s a process of learning not only how to treat the hair, but how to treat people. If you want the best Platinum Balayage job, you’re not going to be able to find that at your local hair cuttery; you need someone who has the skill and the equipment to handle it. Remember that Top Stylists are artists, every work of art is different and on a separate and new canvas. This is not a scripted process.

They Should Have a Plan

When you go to the local barber, you’re one of hundreds they’ll see in a day. Their goal is to get you into the chair and get you out. Going to a salon, on the other hand, they share a plan for you, not only for that day but also what to do in the future to care for your hair.

They Treat You Like A VIP 

Part of how to treat people is treating them like a VIP. You’ll be treated like a true VIP — your experience may include everything from a consultation beforehand to discuss your ideas for your hair and their thoughts, to a massage during the process, to having drinks throughout. That’s one of the hallmarks that makes a good salon: how they treat their people. 

If any or all of these sound like reasons to treat yourself to a high end salon while you’re in Miami, please come visit the professionals at Red Market Salon today.

The Best Hairstyles and Cuts of 2016

2016 best haircutsIf you want your hair to stand out, fit the season, and show off celeb inspired style then you have to keep up with the current trends. Looking to celebs has always been a great way to see what hairstyles are in. There are some who go for a classic look with a slight change, and others who become trendsetters by going with bold new looks. Take a look at 2016 best haircuts and styles.

The Textured Bob
Bobs ruled 2016. There’s no denying that it was one of the most popular looks of the year. Jennifer Lawrence had some fun with her bob, adding a textured feel to it. Instead of sticking with the classic straight and short, she opted for loose casual waves. By adding texture to her bob, she created a look that put a spin on the traditional, while still keeping the cut cute and casual. The great thing about having a textured bob is that it looks adorable with anything. It gives a playful flirtatious feel to the little black dress but looks just as great with layered shirts and tights.

Lazy Waves
Celebs, including Cara Delevingne and Lucy Hale, said goodbye to structured curls, and showed off a more slept-in look. Trading perfect curls for casual waves makes styling a lot easier, and it gives you a look that’s versatile, fun, and works with almost any hair length.

Bold and Blonde
Jennifer Lawrence is rocking a gorgeous platinum blonde, forsaking the more natural blonde she’s sported for years, and it’s glamorous. She’s not the only one who made drastic changes by lightening their hair. Kim Kardashian recently debuted an intense and beautiful blonde that have heads turning.

Short and Flirty
A lot of celebs, such as Emma Stone, Miranda Kerr, and Kate Hudson traded in their long locks for shorter styles this year. From cute and casual to flirty and fun, these short styles are taking Hollywood by storm. While long hair is undeniably beautiful, short hair is definitely reigning for now. The most popular haircut is the bob, however, a few celebs have chosen edgy chin length styles this year.
If you want to change-up your style, consider rocking one of these popular looks of 2016. Remember to always visit a top hairstylist in Miami or your city to get the result you are looking for.

At Red Market Miami we are eager to help our clients remain fashion forward and up to date with the trendiest styles.

5 Reasons Why doing your Next Color Service at the Salon is the Best Investment

best colorists in miamiChanging your hair color is an exciting adventure that helps you better express your true self. You’ve probably poured over magazines and scoured the internet for that perfect shade. After all that research it can be tempting to just run to the nearest drugstore and buy a box of hair dye. Before you do, take a moment to read these 5 tips below and save yourself from a possible hair nightmare.

1. All Products are Not Created Equal

While you might think you’re saving some time and cash by grabbing a box of dye off the shelf, think again. The repair (and possible loss!) of your hair will wind up costing 10x that amount, not to mention the stress a hair disaster wreaks.

Every person has their own unique chemical makeup. This means that the color you see on that box is not likely the shade that will deposit onto your own strands. A top hair colorist in your city will be able to measure the perfect amount of solution and duration to get you where you need to be.

2. Skin Tone = Hair Color.

So you’ve found a photo of a celebrity with the hair color you’re dying to rock yourself. Here’s the catch, they have their own unique shade matched perfectly to their skin tone. This is a technique that all high quality stylists have down to a science. Don’t fret! That hair color you love can still be yours, but even better. The best colorist in Miami will be able to mix up the perfect hue for your beautiful self. 

3. Fade Fashionably

Eventually all hair color must begin to fade. Sad but true. How your color fades is a direct result of the process used to dye it initially. If you didn’t seek professional help before, fading will drive you right into their salon asap. Boxed dye can leave your faded locks a wretched shade that is almost unbearable to fashion. Pros know that fading is a reality and plan for it ahead of time. 

4. Treat Yourself!

While it can seem more “convenient” to quickly apply some boxed mix all over your hair and sit in your bathroom for 30 minutes, it’s not exactly luxurious.

Research has shown that those who take the initiative to treat themselves occasionally are healthier and live happier, less stressful lives. So schedule some time for you. An investment in yourself always yields big returns!

5. Your New Best Friend

The secret is out. Stylists are the best friends you’ve always wanted. They want you to look and feel your best. This is crystal clear at the Red Market Hair Salon Miami. All our professionals are eager to get you exactly what you need to get you where you want to go. Our staff is always educated in the most up to date trends and techniques. Let our team show you why we’re considered the best colorists in Miami.

Seeking professional advice and input from the skilled stylists who have years of practice and training is ultimately the smartest decision when it comes to changing your hair color. Like anything image altering, the key is experience, in order to avoid costly mistakes that can leave you seeking quick solutions that in retrospect, could have been avoided.

Visit Red Market Salon Miami for the best colorists the magic city has to offer.

For more posts on hair color, check out “Going Platinum“.

Shades of Red: Famous Red Heads

famous red heads








Research studies conducted by Britain’s DNA suggests that more than 40% of the world’s population carry the gene that is responsible for red hair. However, this does not necessarily mean that someone will be born with red hair.

You have probably heard many nicknames associated with Red Hair. However, despite these jests, redheads are revered around the world as being one of the most sought-after hair colors, which is why so many Hollywood stars are noted for their copper locks.

It would be a tossup between Rita Hayworth and Lucille Ball, to decide who the most famous red haired celebrity is, and neither of them were natural redheads.

Rita grew up with dark brown hair and dyed hers when she hit the silver screen. 

Although  Lucy’s apricot red hair came to be her trademark, she was actually a natural brunette. Early in her career, she bleached her hair blonde when she got her first roles in film.  However, in the early ’50s, she was urged by MGM to dye her hair red.  The rest is history.

Modern day actress, Julianne Moore, is as famous for her long, red locks, as she is known for her outstanding acting abilities. Julia’s red locks shine in such films as, “The Big Lebowski” and, “The Kids Are Alright.”  

“Sex in the City’s” Cynthia Nixon first made an appearance in “Amadeus” as a peasant girl, but went on to become a beloved television actress instantly recognizable by her short red hair. ’80s movie icon, Molly Ringwald, now a jazz singer, is also noted for her signature short, red hair.

For these film and television stars and others, 50 shades of Red hair has been their biological blessing, as well as a passport to fame.

Visit the best colorist in Miami at Red Market Salon to get your best version of red.

Long Hair Must Care

Hair tips for Long Hair

Long hair is a luxury that takes both patience and dedication, It makes for a look of endless possibilities– and sometimes, taking care of your long hair makes you feel like the challenge outweighs the benefits. As stylists, we have found that it doesn’t have to be. You can keep your hair long and healthy even after it’s colored with some of these tips from the best beauty salon in Miami:

Reduce Friction

Reduce the friction on your hair while you sleep. Friction causes breakage and damage to your hair. You can help reduce friction while you sleep by lightly braiding your hair before bed and by using satin or silk pillowcases.

Don’t Brush While Wet

Your long luscious hair is most sensitive when it is wet – which means that is the least ideal time to brush. Try air drying a bit before brushing it extensively.

Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oils is one of the best oils for your hair, it makes it smooth, healthy, and strong. It takes about 18 hours to penetrate the hair follicles so make sure you use it as a leave-in conditioner once a week.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Shampoos, when not selected appropriately, can strip natural oils from your hair and scalp, when you do shampoo your hair, make sure it is the correct choice for your hair type and that you are not shampooing too often.  If you want your long hair to keep its color longer, it needs to keep well-conditioned. You can use leave-in conditioners, coconut oil, and even regular conditioner more often than shampoo. You can use a light shampoo and conditioner like Kerastase Cristalliste when you do shampoo and condition your hair.

Do the Upkeep

Believe it or not, one of the best ways to take care of your long hair is to actually trim dead/split ends often by an experienced hair stylist at an amazing beauty salon and spa.

At Red Market Salon Miami we will create a plan for you to keep up luscious long hair that looks perfectly healthy at all times.

Red Market Salon Miami: The Infamous and ever so Rebellious Pixie Cut


Pixie cuts first became a trend in the 1960’s thanks largely to Twiggy and Mia Farrow. In an era where women’s hair was still considered sacred, it took guts to go against the mainstream. But with their delicate features, each looked so gorgeous that other women followed suit and a trend was born.

In recent years, dozens of celebrities have sported their own interpretations of the classic pixie cut with varying degrees of success. Stars such as Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Hudson, have given the look a whirl. Some, like Ellen Degeneres have made it their signature look. There’s no question that it makes daily styling a lot easier, but you need a certain confidence in yourself to wear a pixie, an “I’m comfortable in my skin” mentality to pull the look off successfully. You’ll want to adjust your makeup as well, to play up your best features.

Most importantly, you need to find a stylist who understands the idiosyncracies of your hair, such as cowlicks, texture, etc., to ensure you’ll get a cut that works best with your features and your type of hair. That’s half the battle. Finding a top hairstylist from a 5 star salon in your area is a must. Don’t entrust the look to a run-of-the-mill hair salon. Find someone who’s skills you trust and stick with them for maintenance, because a pixie requires maintenance cuts every four to six weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows. If you live in Southern Florida, check out Red Market Hair Salon in Miami for a stylist with the expertise to deliver a pixie cut done so well, it’s likely to become your trademark look!

Looking for an amazing beauty salon and spa in Miami? Call Red Market and get an unparalleled beauty experience.

Red Market Salon Miami: Curly is the New Straight

5 star hair salons

In our many years of professional salon experience, we have seen that most people with curly hair struggle to find the proper way to handle it.

Learning to manage it and embrace the texture often leads to amazing results. It’s important to learn how to care for your hair if you want it to look lush and beautiful instead of frizzy and unmanageable. You want to find a balance between taming your hair and embracing your hair’s natural style. Enhance the beauty and health of your curls with these curly hair tips gathered from some of the  best hairstylists in Miami


It’s not a good idea to use too much heat on curly hair because it alters the proteins in your hair and causes your curls to become limp and lifeless. If you choose to dry your hair instead of air drying, definitely use a diffuser. A regular hair dryer focuses on one section of your hair at a time. This can mess with the flow of your curls. A diffuser distributes air evenly, and it leaves the structure of your curls in tact. Diffuse your roots first to lock in volume, then work your way down to the ends. Leave your ends semi-wet if you can since they’re normally more damaged. 

T-Shirt Trick

Using a T-Shirt instead of a towel to dry your hair will dramatically reduce the frizz you often struggle with. It may sound silly, but it definitely works. Squeeze the excess water from your hair first since T-Shirts are less absorbent. You can even wrap the towel around your head after applying some product, and sleep on it. It’ll help keep your curls from deflating during the night. 


Conditioners are crucial to the care of curly hair. Your curls prevent natural oils from getting all the way to your ends. That’s why the lower half is more damaged and dry. As important as conditioners are, it’s just as important to not use too much shampoo. Cut back on how often you shampoo your hair, or cut it out all together. Replace your shampoo with a cleansing conditioner. It won’t produce a foamy lather, but it’ll greatly reduce frizz. 


Find the perfect products for your curly hair. Try Discipline Oleo-Curl. This amazing leave-in creme adds definition to even the most unruly hair. It’ll leave your hair soft and smooth while eliminating frizz. Another great product is Curl Fever radiant curls shaping gel. This hydrating, yet lightweight, gel will add moisture to your curls without weighing them down or restricting your hair’s natural bounce. It also provides protection against heated styling. Both of these great products by Kerastase have become very popular among those with curly hair. 

Your curls are a part of you, so take care of them. Following these helpful tips will increase your good hair days and help you get the desired looks you want from your locks. For an evening out, curls can be styled to perfection by visiting top beauty salons.

Red Market Salon Miami: Touch of Rainbow


A few decades ago, rainbow hair color was a trend reserved for rock stars and teenagers. Now anyone can rock a touch of rainbow hue in their hair. There are tons of ways to incorporate vibrant color into your style, from subtle streaks to a full spectrum rainbow. Talk to your stylist about trying one of these colorful looks.

Surprise Streaks

Love the rainbow color trend but still need a style that will work for the corporate world? Get color that you can show off when you want and keep on the down low when you need to. Ask your stylist at Red Market Salon Miami to place streaks of bold color in the bottom layers of your hair. Pull your hair up and voila

— instant rainbow!

Face-Framing Color

Just like traditional highlights, colorful streaks can instantly brighten and frame your face. If your hair is lighter, go for pink, like Rachel McAdams. Darker tones look lovely with shades of blue.

Bright Ombre

Want to go a little bolder? Try a colorful ombre dip-dye. Deep purple ends fading into pastel violet and your natural color at the roots is a little bit sweet and a little bit punk. Up for a really unique look? Try a reverse rose gold ombre. Sweet pink roots fade into pastel and gold or platinum blond ends. This technique is done by using Balayage. Be sure to find a balayage expert in a top beauty salon.

Full-Spectrum Shades

If you want your hair to really steal the show, mix shades of more than one color. Try alternate streaks of red, orange and yellow in dark hair, or blend pastel violet and pink in lighter shades. For the truly colorful, add a full rainbow on the underside of your hair, or have a rainbow arch away from your temple. All of these trends that incorporate bold colors must be done by top colorists, usually located in 5 star salons. It is a complex process to keep the hair healthy and looking subtle and this can only be accomplished by a top hair salon who uses the best haircare such as Kerastase and is highly in tune and up to date with these trends.