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Top 3 Fall Hair Trends for 2020

Pumpkin spice and all things nice, but let us never forget FALL is in the hair! It’s a new season and this fall’s 2020 hairstyle trends are low-maintenance looks and cuts that enhance hair texture. We may not be readying ourselves for major events this holiday season, but root touch-ups can go a long way […]

Male Grooming 101: Salon vs BarberShop

The age-old question remains, why should men consider upscale salons? Well, it’s not about the so-called “bougie” haircut, but instead, it’s the curated level of service, attention to detail, and relationships one builds with stylists in salons. Let’s dive into the difference: Barbershops vs. Hair Salons. Men have become a multibillion-dollar growth sector for the […]

Healthy Foods for Healthier Hair

Nourishing the mind, body, and spirit work in unison to help your skin, hair, and nails shine bright. In short, your diet MATTERS when it comes to healthy hair. Nutrients are the building blocks of keratin. Keratin can be found in protein-rich foods like lentils, Greek yogurt, poultry, nuts, and quinoa. These proteins are the […]

Chic Summer Hair Q&A with Natalie Fabian

  Summer sun means swimming, sand, and salt which can all be bitterly harsh elements on our hair. It’s important to remember hydration nourishes our strands during summer. Kerastase’s ‘7 Summer Hair Tips For for Protection In The Summer’ shines a light on how to avoid unnecessary dryness while indulging in summer fun, by minimizing […]

The New Normal at Red Market Salon

self-confidence              noun self-con·​fi·​dence | \ ˌself-ˈkän-fə-dən(t)s  , -ˌden(t)s \ : confidence in oneself and in one’s powers and abilities   The dictionary defines self-confidence as having a belief in one’s powers, which derives from the Latin word fidere’ meaning “to trust”; therefore, having self- confidence is about trusting in the […]

Everything you need to know about Keratin Treatments

  If you have curly hair or are prone to frizz, then you absolutely must get a keratin treatment this summer. Keratin treatments tame frizz and make your hair appear shinier and more tamed. They also cut down on the time you spend drying and styling your hair– and isn’t that what you want? Here […]

Summer-Proof your Hair

Here’s what you need to know about Summer’s hottest hair treatments and our special pricing available until the end of August. Keratin uses a chemical formula to reduce the appearance of frizz and allow the hair to become more manageable. Hair Botox gets its name because of how it works. Hair Botox works by filling […]