RED MARKET SALON MIAMI: Hair Trends Spring 2016

Dekel Alon - Stylist

Dekel Alon – Stylist

Hair Trends  Spring 2016

Spring is a time for fresh, bright beginnings. Many people choose to celebrate tgallery-1455639384-taylor-swift-bob-2016-grammy-awardshe
new season by trying something different with their hairstyle. This year, there are five hairstyle trends that stand apart from all of the other fads, and will definitely prove to be the epitome of carefree style for spring and summer.

1. Traditional Bob With Long Layers and Bangs
Many people balk at the word, “traditional,” but in the case of the classic bob hair cut, it holds the promise of a timeless style. Shorter hair will serve to keep you cooler during the warmer months, while the modern layers and bangs help to create a look that is easy to style while still being very on trend.
2. Texturized Long Layers
This seasons style trends point to many short-haired looks, but long hair will always be a classic summertime staple. For spring and summer, you can keep your long locks fresh by asking your beautician for a slight relaxer and some layering work. Not only are texturized layers fairly low-maintainance, they also continue to look great after a dip in the pool or ocean.

shaggy-bob-haircut-20163. Shag
While the name of this look may remind some people of their grandmother’s carpeting, this modern haircut, sported by the likes of Taylor Swift, is anything but outdated. When asking your stylist for this cut, make sure that they trim many medium layers around your face. With this style you can still put your hair up, but short, wispy pieces still frame your face. A spritz o472202354f sea-salt spray is all that it will take to have you looking fabulous in the morning.

4. Baby Bangs
Bangs are completely on trend this for this spring, no matter the overall length or texture of your hair. One particular style of bangs is making a comeback however, and this is the baby bags. These stylish wisps cover about half of your forehead, but they pack a huge punch as far as hair trends go.