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Thinking about switching up your dark hair by going platinum blonde? Our stylists here at Red Market Miami take special care of your tresses when going from dark to light.

Going platinum blonde usually requires what is called a “double process”, which means the hair is lifted (bleached) twice. This is followed by a special treatment such as Olaplex to bring life back into the hair, and possibly a gloss or toner to finish off the color. The process of hair lightening likely will need to be done in stages so that our stylists can ensure that your hair looks and feels great upon conclusion. Below is a brief look at how our colorists can properly take your mane from the darkest brunette to blonde like only the best salon in Miami can do.

The Application

Your Red Market top colorist will begin by mixing the lightening agent they will be using to lighten your strands. The bleach is placed a few inches below your roots to avoid rapid lifting. The reasoning for this is because the scalp gives off heat, which causes the color lifting process to accelerate. The bleach is then washed out in sections to make sure the color is even. If you are starting off with very dark hair, your hair may be blown out by your stylist and bleached another round in order to achieve the desired color.   olaplex-3-bottle

Final Things to Note…

Going platinum blonde is a complex process that requires patience nonetheless, but here at Red Market Miami, our stylists utilize the proper precautions to greatly reduce damage, thus, retaining healthy, fabulous hair. You can trust that the best colorists in Miami will put your hair in the best care as you begin your transition.