Ever heard of Balayage highlights? They are the new hot trend of 2016 that anyone can try. Balayage is the french word meaning “to sweep” or “paint”, which describes the technique used by stylists to achieve natural highlights on hair. Read on below to check out how it’s done and why you should try it out!

How is it Done?

The beauty of the Balayage technique is that it creates wonderful highlights throughout hair that looks much more natural than the traditional. The way stylists are able to create such natural looking highlights is because they “paint” the strands of hair during the lightening process. This painting is done freehand with a gradient effect, meaning, less product is used towards the roots, and is gradually increased towards the ends of the hair. Balayage is done freehand by your hairdresser without the use of foil, in order to create the perfect transition between your natural hair color and the highlights.

Is it Hard to Maintain?

Highlights done with the Bayalage technique are extremely easy to maintain because of their gradient effect. Balayage highlights grow out beautifully and seamlessly, which leads to stretching the time in between appointments. In comparison to traditional highlights done with foil alone, Balayage allows the client’s new growth to come in with a much more natural appearance. However, with traditional highlights, your natural hair color comes in with a blunt color difference when growing out, that requires frequent touch ups to maintain the style. 

Can Anyone try This?

The great thing about the Balayage technique is that it looks fabulous on everyone. The best stylists with darker haired clients may combine the freehand painting technique with foil in order to properly lift color from the hair. Anyone would be able to maintain this style just as they would any other color service. Using appropriate shampoos and conditioners such as the Kerastase line that is meant for color-treated hair are recommended to keep the highlights intact between appointments.

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