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Whether you love or have issues with your hair, it’s natural character will always be what determines your ability to make it look its best. Your ethnicity is one of the most important limiting factors for your hair’s appearance. Although many products and services exist to change the look and quality of your hair, straying too far from nature’s plan can encumber, rather than enhance your look. What is the best way to embrace the natural brilliance of your hair and love the results?

Get to Know Your Locks on an Intimate Level and Relax in Your Uniqueness

Becoming a friend to your hair means knowing its limits. Just as you desire some unattainable ideal that graces the head of another, recognize that others would love to have just what you have! 

Pamper yourself with different looks, but remember that sometimes less is more.  Together, your skin and hair form a naturally complimentary color palette. Color can add allure and dynamism, but consider your choices carefully. Working with what your hair naturally is and does, puts forth an effortless air and lets others know you are confident in your appearance.

Care for Your Tresses

Healthy hair encompasses what you put in it, as well as what you put on it. Good nutrition is a great start, but limiting your exposure to chemical treatments that change hair texture and color is just as important.

Constant coloring, curling of straight hair, or straightening of curls can set your coiffure on a path to destruction. Instead of the celebrity style you hoped for, damage and frizz is often the result.

Choose the Right Cut and Use the Right Products

Single out the best attributes your hair has to show! You can enhance the shine of board-straight hair or revel in the luxurious look of massive waves or excessive volume. Enlist the instincts of close friends and styling experts to help you find what works for you.

Ultimately, striving to highlight what you love about your hair, while working harmoniously with what you don’t, eases your routine and shows the world your best face. At Red Market Miami, We are all about change however understand the difference between changing your hair in it’s entirety or just highlighting the natural assets you were born with.

Our colorists are trained to take into consideration factors such as skin color, ethnicity, hair texture and more in order to help our clients choose the best shades. Consulting one of our experts is always the best way to make an informed decision on your new look.

On next week’s blog, check in to read about the healthy process to go from dark hair to platinum or light blondes. Regardless of your style choice, Red Market Miami will make sure your hair stays healthy through it all.

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