Red Market Miami: The Top Five Hair Trends for Fall 2013

We at the Best Salon in Miami have compiled a list of the top 5 fall hair trends to give you fresh ideas on how to spice up your hairstyle this season!


1. Short & Stylish

Ready for a fierce new look this fall? Our stylists at Red Market Miami are the go-to team for the newest sensation, The Pixie Cut.  Beyonce wowed all of us when she cut her long and beautiful mane and opted for the popular pixie.  Now, many other red carpet walkers have been following suit.  Let us help you create an amazing new look.  We can give you a close crop like Emma Watson, sculpt it like Pink’s, or keep it stylish and sleek like Rihanna. We will assess your face shape and personal style to formulate the perfect short cut for you.

2. Low Riders

While skyscraper ponies have long been popular, the low ponies are making a comeback, and why not? We all should take more time to show off our cheekbones! Think there’s only one way to wear this sassy look? Think again. You can achieve a sleek low pony by combing through your hair with oil to add shine and get rid of fly-a-ways. You can also style it messy or do a dramatic, deep side part.



3. Big Bang Theory

Thanks to Zooey Deschanel, bangs have become more popular than ever. While there are dozens of ways to wear the popular fringe style, we are in love with J-Law’s wispy side-swept bangs. The longest point should fall above the tip of your nose before you part your hair to the side. Brow-skimming bangs, like Taylor Swift’s, have found a new place as one of Hollywood’s sexiest hairstyles!


4. Sleek ’n’ Chic

The super slick look that usually graces the heads of fashion’s leading men are also popular this season. To achieve this look, comb your hair back and apply hair gel to the front and sides. Leave the rest of your hair au naturel so that it can fall free. Pair with a leather jacket and dare someone to cross you.






5. A Braidy Bunch

Finally, braids are in, and there are so very many to choose from. You can opt for fishtail braids if the occasion requires a more dressed-up look, crown braids that circle the head, braided bangs if you’re trying to grow them out, mini braids here and there for an edgier look, the classic French braid, and the braid with accessories. The accessory braids are a particularly fun twist on a timeless classic.

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